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About Monique Gaudion

Monique’s interests lie in the meeting of art, mental health and community, believing that through positive and distinctive experiential engagement with immersive theatre and dynamic mindful art installations aspects of our whole self can rise from subconscious to a conscious level giving space and time to aspects of self-discovery, a renewed sense of wholeness and gratitude.

Whilst Monique’s career started out creating deeply considered theatrical art events, the broadness of her work over the last 25 years spans all forms of theatre, including purpose driven narrative theatre, award winning entertainment productions highly successful event creation. This in includes the founding one of Australia’s most successful and sort after corporate theatre producers, theatrical agents and entertainment design specialists.

After some major life changes Monique has returned to her roots and now brings all of this together in her arts practice.  Over the last 3 years Monique has been travelling the world researching and developing  exciting new creative projects of which “Mindful” is just one of a raft of works in development.

Monique Gaudion

Career Highlights

Monique Gaudion

Welcome to Brisbane

Welcome to Brisbane Office of Lord Mayor

My Journey

Monique Gaudion

Solo Performance Artist & Mime School

Early Performances

Murder Mystery Parties


Monique Gaudion




Monique Gaudion
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