A magician and much more – Get in quick before he goes global!

In his words – “Six years ago I had completed my uni degree and had a six-figure job in banking while I performed magic part-time on evenings and weekends. After some eye-opening overseas travel, I decided it was time to challenge myself and give magic a go full time. Magic for me isn’t just about the incredible sleight-of-hand and the hours of learning trickery behind closed doors. Anyone can learn a card trick, but not everyone can present it in an engaging and memorable way. While the talent and skill is important, magic to me is more about injecting personality and humour to a performance. It’s about taking an audience on a journey to provide an entertainment experience they’ll never forget.” Mike.

“I have followed, promoted and booked Mike from his first days as a roving magician. Mike is personable (AKA cheaky), very professional and extremely talented. He has delighted my clients for many years. In 2015, Mike has toured a ticketed magic show across Australia and New Zealand, performing over 75 shows in 30 different cities/towns, many of them were sold out. The success of these shows is largely based on the fact that he offers something different to a regular classic magic show. He is magic Mike in many ways and I recommend you get in quick if you want him at your event”. Monica Gaudion

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