Welcome function engagement. Age-old dilemma.

How do you get people to engage at conference welcome functions?  Cocktails around the pool with a pianist just doesn’t cut it anymore.  So, Ho Hum!  The all-important welcome event sets the stage for the conference, so it needs a mix of the dynamic and non-threatening.

You want delegates to meet new people, barriers to be broken down and new connections made. Unfortunately, human psychology isn’t like that. Individuals play it safe and tend to talk to those they know.  So how do you get people talking without the pressure to impress, be intelligent, drone on about golf, or worse still, drink too much to hide their discomfort.

It is a myth that finding out what people “do” is connecting. Listing off information does not a relationship make! This image below is from cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, who came up with such a brilliant way to express a concept that’s often not that easy to grasp. The image makes a clear point—that knowledge alone is not useful unless we can make connections.

The genius of interactive entertainment is it takes the pressure off as the focus is no longer on the “do”.  Psychologists tell us that shared experiences create openness and trust.  Over the many years of doing this work, I can attest to the fact that barriers are indeed broken down after such a memorable and engaging experience. The outcome is delegates find it easier to approach someone the next day. So, let’s get connecting!  A “LUXE Murder & Mystery Parties” is one such solution to this age-old dilemma.  (Also, fabulous for Christmas parties, Gala Dinners, Casual dinners & Private Functions).

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