WOT? Murder! Parties

WOT? Murder! Parties

You will never have so much fun being whacked!

From the first party in 1999, no one does Murder & Mystery parties better than Monique and her team. From 20 to 200 people – Ideal for social/family occasions, corporate dinners, holiday/resort/ship entertainment and team building events.

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Why people love it!

  • It is a fun group experience in which people get to feel something real. 

  • Story and play enables guests to tap into their true creative selves. We have found people engage dynamically and become more curious in and from this experience.

  • These events "connect people". We tend to think we are all different, but in reality, our similarities are greater than our differences. It speaks to people beyond a single demographic thus making it ideal for people who don't know each other all the way to close friends and family. 

  • Finding the "connective tissue" makes for a great personal and group "story". 

  • Escape into a comical yet dramatic and theatrical experience. Fabulous memories, an event to remember.

  • Ideal as a team building exercise as it improves communication and collaboration whilst having fun.

Some testimonials to wet your palate

“We had the best event ever and it was down to the planning & execution (pardon the pun) of your team.  The Murder Mystery challenged everyone to participate….It got everyone talking not about work, and that is really a measure of success.”  Peter Allen. QMI Solutions

“Congratulations on organising and facilitating one of the best conference ‘social’ nights we have ever had!...” Rose Siva, Director. ICS Australia.

A fabulous evening… There were quite a few people who didn’t know each other and it was a great way to meet new people and have fun at the same time”   Tony Karst Australian Security Industry Assoc. Limited. 

“Way Out Theatreworks (WOT) ‘wowed’ us all.  What an excellent night!.... I  will certainly recommend WOT to anyone looking for a professionally organised, themed conference dinner!” Meetings & Events Industry Conference, Novotel Twin Waters. Jennifer Milward, Meetings Industry Assoc. of Australia. Qld


Included in the entertainment package:

  • Pre-party consultation

  • Props essential to the plot

  • Themed music for the duration of the Murder Mystery

  • Awards

  • Skilled facilitation by professional actors for an excellent event