The Creative Mindfulness Workshops are transformative, fun, motivational and yes, a little scary at times

writing – storytelling – free-form drawing – memoir – story photography – neuroscience and the creative brain – collage – observation – mindfulness – improvisation

Suitable for Corporate Development, Corporate and Private Retreats.

Why learn to be more creative?

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Creativity is not mystical nor illusionary. As children, we called it play. But play is not something that only belongs to childhood – it is vitally important for us as adults, too, so we can. With the right environment and tools, anyone can access and nurture their creativity.

Creativity is not mystical nor illusionary. As a child, we called it play. With the right environment and tools, anyone can access and nurture their creativity.

Recently LinkedIn published an article saying that Creativity is at the top of the list of what companies most need.  “Learning how to think more creatively will benefit you for the rest of your career.  Macroeconomic trends suggest creativity will only become more important moving forward”.

Creativity is so much more than staying ahead in your company or job market. It is an enjoyable skill you can learn that will greatly improve your everyday life in and outside work by:

  • strengthening your perception awareness
  • stimulating in and out of the box thinking
  • building your self-confidence and
  • enhancing your problem solving and teamwork skills
  • expanding your sense of time and allowing you to experience flow
  • increasing your self-awareness and expression
  • improve your ability to improvise and adapt to change
  • enhancing your leadership and gaining you respect from peers.

Are you looking to strengthen your own or your employees’ creativity skills?

Based on my years of experience and dedicated study, I have developed  a cutting-edge professional development workshop that includes a series of engaging and effective exercises to specifically and effectively develop creativity and mindfulness, both in the work space and in your personal life.

“Thanks to the professionalism and attention to detail by Way Out Theatreworks™ we had a fantastic team building event. It added immensely to our conference and helped build. We highly recommend  Way Out Theatreworks to any company looking for something different and exciting.” 
Annie Crowe – Energizer Australia

Creativity improves Self-confidence

Creativity improves Free-thinking

Creativity improves Perceptions of work and play

Why learn to be more mindful?

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” (Victor Frankl)

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention – in the present moment – to yourself, others and the world around you. Anyone can train in mindfulness and we now know that such training literally re-configures your brain.

Mindfulness will improve your and your employees’ lives in and outside of work by:

  • creating an ability to live with ease
  • enhancing clarity of thought
  • building mental fortitude
  • building resilience
  • instilling courage
  • enhancing happiness
  • potentially help dissolving anxiety, stress and depression
  • increasing self-compassion
  • reducing fear of creativity by nurturing non-judgement

Is learning mindfulness looking very appealing right now?

The cutting-edge professional development workshop I have developed will allow you to build your mindfulness skills in a focused and effective way, through a series of enjoyable, engaging exercises in a safe environment.

“Our team building event was an outstanding success.”
Gailene Snell. EA to Chief Executive Officer NAFDA Pty Ltd

Mindfulness improves wellbeing

Mindfulness improves physical health

Mindfulness improves mental health

About the Workshops

  • The creativity workshop is developed by Monique Gaudion.
  • The mindfulness workshop is an introductory training program of the empirically supported Mindful Self-Compassion training by Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff.
  • All workshops are available in Australia and internationally and are live and taught in English.
  • All workshops happen over 3 days, daily from 9.30am – 4.30pm, with 2x3 hour sessions.
    2-day workshops are available – content will vary.
  • Co-leaders may be included.
  • Minimal group size is 5, maximum is 20.
  • Tailored quotes available.

About Monique Gaudion

Creativity, mindfulness and engaging connections are what inspire Monique.

Her experience in theatrical productions spans over 25 years which has seen her study, perform and produce shows throughout Australia, Europe, America and Asia.

Monique is the founder and driving force behind Way Out Theatreworks, a highly successful and award-winning creative entertainment design company.

During Monique’s recent travel sabbatical and on her return Monique trained and studied Mindfulness & Self Compassion, Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction, Google Leadership course, creative and writing courses and more recently coaching modalities.

Past Projects

Excellent service, innovative ideas and professional staff/advice made our Tropical Night an outstanding success! Don’t change anything.. It works Way Out!! 

Grant Calcutt, Calcutt Watson and Associates 

We were pleased with each and every act/entertainer that you provided, they were so professional and accomplished.  We’d like to praise you for your proficiency and conduct pre, post and during the Conference – couldn’t have done it without you!

Mr. Kim Burton. Conference Convenor. Australian Building Codes Board. ACT.

Thanks Monica. Every aspect of the party was better than planned for! The entertainers were first rate and I’ve never received so much positive feedback. Now the pressure is on to top it next year!

Donna O’Brien, Cook Medical

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