Elegance Theme

The new show with style and pizzazz honoring the style icons of yesteryear. Brad ditches the paint clothes and dressed formally paints his way through 3 icons of yesteryear with amazing glitter crystal reveals* – Sinatra, Marilyn Munroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Fluoro theme!

A high energy, audience interaction (20 mins approx) A colorful high energy explosion, brad’s new fluorescent painting show takes performance art to a new level. Painting under black light (to be supplied by AV team) Brad uses UV paints to magically bring to life the portraits of three music icons with a magical twist: Bono, Jimi Hendrix and Gene Simmons. Please note: Fluorescent paintings do not retain their UV brightness and therefore are not suitable for auctioning.

Art of Transformation

Change, inspire (30 mins) Throughout the presentation you will witness two remarkable visual transformations which illustrate visually the ability to transform. He paints familiar faces and transforms them into some of the world’s greatest leaders of the past century, all in under four minutes. Keynote and team building available.

More show options available.

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